Opponents: Rather than spending money on buying a uniform which their ward will never get to wear outside the school premises, the same can be used in buying books or other stuff which will actually be of some good use for their children.

Proponents: If pupils are allowed to shun their uniforms and turn up in any costume they want, it will definitely create a divide between pupils who can afford stylish clothes and those who are from modest background.

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Opponents: Most parents want quality education for their children, they would prefer not to spend money on uniforms.

Proponents: School uniforms are available across a range of prices so that every pupil can afford it.

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Proponents: Uniforms help create a disciplined atmosphere and therefore, it should be introduced in schools where it is not prevalent.

Opponents: The idea of uniforms was based on the archaic education module, but in the present scenario, where the focus has shifted to modern education and individuality, uniforms are absolutely unnecessary. And also, no school persuades pupils to buy one of an expensive brand.

Proponents: Uniform is must for an institution, as it helps in creating a sense of identity and a sense of belonging.

Opponents: Students shouldn't be compelled to wear a uniform, as it takes away their individuality from them.

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