It may not be exactly fear for some, but there is always some amount of anxiety. Some last, some don't, and some require a whole lot of endurance to see another day.

That is normal, since you are putting yourself in a situation with so many possible outcomes. What are some of the signs that your relationship is a solid one?

Do you find yourself staring at your dormant profile which no one seems to pay attention to, wondering why you seem to be unsuccessful at online dating?

Here are 4 possible mistakes you might be making and what to do about each.

little jealousy in a relationship is okay, maybe even necessary.

But once it gets out of control, it can be stressful.

Feel uneasy when other people compliment your girlfriend? Here are some tips to not get caught up in the potential traps that might come with that.

Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid in 2017 The New Year, 2017, is here and although nothing inherently changes at midnight of 1st January apart from the numbers on clocks and calendars, there are always shifts in trends and people’s attitudes. are all sorts of personality types but one of the most misunderstood and the most talked about is the introvert personality.It is also quite interesting, mainly because introverts are hard to figure out, which might lead to the problem of not knowing an introverted guy is into you or not.Work stress is bad in itself but this gets worse if it creeps into your relationship, something that usually happens.Here are some tips to help you keep your work stress from out of your relationship. you in a relationship that clearly needs to end but you just can't do it?