Cheers, Alan I'm easy going and down to earth.I have respect for others and treat those as I want to be treated.

180 free aunty looking life partner-26

I'm an easy going fun male with a gorgeous little dog, enjoy chilled nights at home and head out with friends on occasion for drinks/dinner/footy.

Have a foxtel account and my own furniture and appliances if needed. I work full time and always pay rent/bills on time.

I am available to move in as soon as possible and happy to discuss length of stay.

I am a very happy person and looking forward to making new friends along the way! I'm Brazilian, in my mid-30s, Permanent Resident of Australia, electrical engineer.

Besides his taste for my socks and habit of napping where people want to sit. I'm also a light smoker (only at night) but am more than happy to smoke outside. Can use a vacuum and also knows what a toilet brush is.

Likes music but understands the need for solitude and privacy hello, my names Lilly and i am 23 years old almost 24, i do not work or get centrelink benifits but do get a source of income which i will gladly tell to whoever would be interested in me living with them.

Also it would be me and my mum who are trying to find a place, she is 50 (although she doesnt look it! she gets centelink benifits and also works casual as a pca. if i was allowed to have the animals, i would provide a aviary shed or a big chicken coup for the cats so they wouldnt have to be inside, if that helps..

we do have a small dog who should be okay with other fine with people,he will just bark and thats it for a day or two lol. me and my mum are pretty outgoing and get along with just about anyone...especially my mum.

** ABOUT MYSELF ** Im currently unemployed, on government payments BUT I'm very reliable when it comes to paying rent etc I'm very quiet and like to keep to myself BUT I'm also very friendly and very respectable I need a place to move into just for myself but I have a daughter who from time to time would have to stay over one night I also might not always stay in I do spend some time out over night eles where , hopfully that's no bother and not a bother for me to go in and out (not always) and not being loud etc.

- Ideally I'd love a room with an attached bathroom - A room with a lock on door would be great.

'It has devastated my involvement in my son's life because I feel too dirty to be a part of it.