And Yamaha designed its hybrid of the Gibson SG and Les Paul, dubbed the SG-2000.

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Jimmy Page toured worldwide with a 1959 Les Paul, and switched to a Lake Placid Blue ’65 Stratocaster for numbers requiring a vibrato.

Eric Clapton toured with Blackie, a mongrel built from a variety of Fender Strats.

Smith said the Stratocaster reissues weren’t produced until near the end of ’82.

It’s possible that the Telecaster reissue appeared in stores before the Strat because it required less work to emulate its vintage appearance.

The complete Fender reissue line also included a 1962 version of the Strat, with a rosewood fretboard and three-ply pickguard, a maple-necked ’57 Precision Bass, a ’62 P-Bass with a rosewood fretboard, and a ’62 Jazz Bass.

Steve Cropper Tests a ‘52 Reissue In its July ’82 issue, Musician magazine quoted the great Steve Cropper, who in the 1960s played in the Stax Records Studio house band, and at the time had just toured with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd’s Blues Brothers group.

Roy Buchanan played a well-worn blond ’53 Telecaster.

And pioneering Motown bassist James Jamerson continued to work in L. recording sessions armed with little more than his ’62 Fender Precision Bass.

The Strat’s larger headstock, its “television-friendly logo” in large block letters, and especially the three-bolt “micro-tilt” neck, didn’t sit well with fans.

The basic Fender Telecaster wasn’t altered as radically, but was given the new headstock logo.

“Fender’s sales were being hammered by oriental copies,” Bacon added.