Right,” there are a few measures of compatibility to feel out if he’s in it for the long-haul…and whether you are too.

The following are 7 signs you’re with your future husband.1.

Someone who is in it to win it will want to win it with you.6.

7 signs you are dating the right person-14

Communication is give-and-take, it’s talking AND listening.

And that means really listening, ACTIVELY listening.

You Are Happier When He’s Around Your boss yelled at you in front of your colleagues, your best friend is freezing you out, you’re feeling sick or depressed – the worst things to happen are happening and, yet, when he’s around, they’re easier to take.

If he lifts you up when you’re down rather than pushing you down further, this may be a sign that you’re with the right guy.5.

You’re Proud of Each Other Not only are you proud of each other in the sense of encouraging each other’s passions and genuinely basking in each other’s accomplishments, but you are proud to show each other off to your family and friends.

If he’s hiding you in the back corner of his life, not introducing you to anyone, he’s not your future husband.

When you’re with “the one,” you won’t be tempted to make him jealous, play hard-to-get, or force him to choose between you or his friends. Mind games are for those who feel insecure in a relationship.

You won’t feel this way if he’s meant to be yours.7.

How do you know when you’ve met the man you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with?