But-at fifty-two to Julie's thirty-three, Ev didn't really have the charge that Julie needed, though Ev was a fascinating companion, he pampered Julie constantly, and bought her gifts.

She knew there was an engagement ring in the picture.

When Fernando came over, for instance, there'd be no chastity teasing for him--Julie would have all of her holes hit, Frank would demand two blowjobs, probably, and then he'd eat her cooking, borrow ten from her and take another fifty from her purse and bail off, his "BORN TO LOSE" tattoo a bluish-gray caboose on his back walking out.

Abdl dateing-84

Aaron did it for kicks, she thought, but liked Cumming too much, though he might graduate to wanting long term chastity. Horace was staring at her...trying to make his eyes moisture-ish. Horace was begging with his eyes for her to look at him.

Horace had made the mistake of telling Julie that he wanted to have six months of teasing and chastity..couldn't handle it, though.

But in their moments of passion..Everett's penis entered Julie--it his penis felt like a foreign object, and not a particularly welcome one..just didn't "ring her chimes". Julie was considering-- could she transform Everett into a slave?

She thought Everett might be a great live in "Client" Julie could still receive all the pampering, the presents, etc.

Julie allowed Steve to cum about once every six weeks, and usually that was after he'd visited her six times, and she'd pocketed three grand.

What was interesting was that Julie's suitors, boyfriend, and 2 ex-husbands had always been the rough-and-tumble guys--ex-cons, day laborers, addicts and the like.These were the belt-less..wore no chastity belts or devices. Aaron had a sweet girlfriend, and a lively life, but once a week, he'd come see Julie, giving her 0, and she'd tie him naked to a table, and play with his dick for several hours, moving her long, white tipped nails up and down Aaron's suffering shaft, before finally allowing him to jerk off.Then Aaron would leave, refreshed, and go back to his girlfriend until his peculiar desires brought him back the following week. Sure, she had her 40DD's stuffed into this little black strapless thing, but it was no more revealing than the corset she'd been wearing with him this afternoon.What the hell, if she wants me to kneel here for a bit, in the buff, while she stands there in her little black cocktail dress.. Everett was a bit embarrassed that she was still completely dressed tonight--stockings, heels, all of it--while he was naked as a jaybird. " Everett tried to stand up, but Julie gently pushed him back down, and encouraged him to crawl to the stool and then climb up it. This is not comfortable." Suddenly Everett was tied to the stool..hands were roped together, and the rope was knotted to one of the stool legs, and then his feet were tied to the others.Everett looked down, noticing that his member was getting quite stiff. The last time Everett had slept with Julie in the traditional way, she'd had to twiddle him a bit so he didn't lose his erection completely... There was no back to the stool, so he had to sit up straight.Most men were fairly malleable in Julie's hands; she was your traditional big-busted, full lipped type, with nearly white-blonde hair that hung in a sexy mane around her shoulders.