Many trendy exercise studios offer one freebie to get you hooked, like Zengo Cycle or Cross Fit Balance.Discuss the worst parts of air travel while you’re at it.This map from Michael Antonucci will direct you to every last outdoor work of art in the region. Make the National Mall your backdrop for an afternoon of game playing, whether that means an innocent Frisbee toss or a really raucous round of Cards Against Humanity. After hearing 10 local comedians do their best, it’s your turn to take the stage. The quirkiest museum in DC offers free Sunday jam sessions ranging from bluegrass and blues to gospel and classical. The H Street NE bar has two indoor bocce courts offering free play. The Argonaut’s science night asks competitors to answer trivia questions and complete experiments (think egg drops) with the hopes of winning and gift cards. A free introductory series kicks off every four weeks. Find it on the front lawn of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. DC’s having a craft distilling boom -- spend a Saturday going behind the scenes at One Eight Distilling, New Columbia Distillers, and more.

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It’s very important that you come at your parents with some cultural talking points given that they’re footing the bill for your $2,000-a-month studio apartment.

Hit the P Street Whole Foods on Tuesday nights when there are free cooking classes or demos. Take advantage because they’ve hurt you in the past. Run through the National Zoo where you don’t have to pay a dime to see 1,800 animals.

Try Ventnor or Biergarten Haus on Tuesdays and Stoney’s or The Pinch on Wednesdays. Isn’t that the day you’re supposed to be going to church anyway?

Stick to Georgetown, or get more ambitious because it’s 184.5 miles long. The park gets really playful on Friday afternoons with ping-pong tables and free Wi-Fi. Spend an afternoon having meaningful conversation while tucked away in the Kalorama neighborhood. It’ll help you forget about your inbox for a few minutes.

Every once in a while Postmates will offer free food on demand like wings or ice cream.

It’s worth opening the app every few days to check.

It looks at sites across the Internet to try and find out who made them or who they're about.

The site has a very expansive network - it's already analyzed over 1 billion links!

You can see what photos were taken in your neighborhood or search by hashtag to find related posts. Social media websites use it to categorize photos and posts and make them easy to find.