An ageplay / babyplay site for innerkids and babies who have a need or desire to be in diapers!

One word about those involuntary emotional "alarm bells." In our society we're virtually trained to react with at least discomfort whenever anybody mentions the words "sex" and "children" in the same sentence. But when I talk about "children" I will mean not actual children, but adults who are roleplaying in a consensual, negotiated scene.

If you've never ageplayed and are on the outside looking in, you might be asking, "But what do ageplayers about is reality ... An ageplayer doesn't necessarily fantasize about or want to exactly reenact his/her own childhood, adolescence, etc.

St Ditherings Academy is a strict but very friendly school to ensure our young ladies and gentleman, some of whom have been expelled from previous establishments, are given the best education opportunities in life.

is set during the middle of World War II in a small community called Woodland Mills, Minnesota.

Medically speaking, infantilism means remaining in an immature state, either physically or mentally, and this is the definition one finds in most dictionaries and medical references.

That's not the meaning I'm going to use here, though.

Both inner-kids and single adults are all welcome here.

For our younger members we have the "Home For Little Wanderers'" which serves all our children with no family, under the watchful eyes of the Staff here The Willows Cove is an Ageplay community set in a fictional town and built *realistically* with Innerchild play zones, neighborhoods, stores, daycare, schools and other outlets in order to encourage as many real interactions and storylines as possible Welcome to Hank Williams Family Where a very loving family by disiplining them with implaments of all kinds and then giving them loving care after wards , this is a adult site age/play=role/play group there are no miners here where all adults playing an innerkid mind we take in kids that have been beatin or have been disowned and give them to a loving home .

For one thing, how many of us can remember our childhoods exactly?

When we think back, there are certain memorable moments we can remember well, good or bad, but the unremarkable everyday events have blurred together or maybe even disappeared.

There is to be no lying, cheating, no piercings, tattoos, smoking, drinking, or talking back.