For specific questions please contact us at [email protected]

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To take advantage of these you would need to pay locally.

Please note that when you book with us, you will get a second day in the park absolutely free! You will need to pre-book using the website address and discount code you have been given. If you book outside of school holidays you'll often find that prices are less and the park is emptier.

There is also a selection of indoor attractions and activities.

LEGOLAND Windsor and LEGOLAND Holidays regrets that refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. As our prices are competitive there is no further discount or concessions available for over 60's. The pathways are level and suitable for wheelchairs, however they can be steep in sections and may require additional assistance.

This includes your LEGOLAND tickets, hotel stay with breakfast, unless otherwise stated. I have discount vouchers, am I able to pre-book with these?

No, we do not have the facility to accept promotional ticket only vouchers such as 2 for 1 promotional offers or any other ticket only discount vouchers.The issuance of Ride Access Passes is based upon documentary proof of disability (blue or orange badges will not be accepted as this does not state the nature of the disability).Examples of documentation required are: GPs letter, Association Membership details, Council run membership, or any other form that states the disability.For those rides and attractions where wheelchair access is via the exit, a Ride Access Pass is not required.Guests who qualify for the Ride Access Pass scheme must go to Guest Services, either in The Beginning or in Heartlake City, with some form of documentation stating the nature of their disability.Guests without the relevant documentation will not be issued with a Ride Access Pass.