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I walked in, she had one **** in her mouth, one in her *****, both bare. There are always 3 movies being shown, one gay, one straight, and one either tranny or interracial.

There's also about 20 booths with mirrors and benches and monitors showing a...

I was out of town on business and got exceptionally horny.

I needed a release but didn't feel like messing with some of the crap on CL and didn't feel like trolling the water either. I've done this so many times I've lost track, but I'd guess at least a hundred.

i walked about 4 blocks to the adult movie theate in the city i lived in. who are local to me and seemed to be pretty intelligent about their sexuality.

I went to jerk off to a good flick so i paid my money and entered the cinema. I remember one time I went to this adult arcade in the poor section of my city. This was a low budget place and sold a lot of used **** videos. We were talking about various adventures we've had and the topic of gloryholes and theaters came up. I was walking and one of the doors was open and a guy was stroking.

I love long literate and passionate or rough rp's with others that can type correctly and paint an image for the imagination.... Hmm, about me - I enjoy computer games, hard work, time in nature and travel. I'm a nerd without the social phobias that some have, I'm a flirt because that's how I learned to talk to women. I just cant help enjoy all the horny ladies on the site and its interesting to see and here all the different experiences and stories.

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i had known her for several years and tho i thought she was a beautiful mid 30's woman, i also thought of her...