She stood there sporting a white see-through button up blouse with a red bra with black trim, and a black and red plaid schoolgirl skirt that was so short I swear I could make out the crotch of her panties, which I later found out mathched the bra and garters that held up her thigh high red fishnet stockings, that were beautifully tucked into her knee high black stilettoes. " she asked, snapping me out of my drooling stooper. After I had finished embarassing myself and had watched that gorgeous ass climb the stairs in front of me, I showed her to the living room."Oh my god, I'm so sorry," I stumbled to reply, "I feel like such a rude douchebag." "No need to be sorry, it makes me wet to know I have that kind of effect on you. There she told me how pleased she was when she saw how sexy I looked in my slutty outfit, and started rubbing up and down my thighs.Candy began to choke but instead of pulling my cock from her mouth she tried to take it deeper, her saliva ran from her mouth and onto my balls.

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I scurried around the house making sure that everything was in order and that my house was presentable as well as myself.

I touched up my makeup, made sure my wig and outfit were in proper shape.

It was a beautiful day outside and it had been a long hard week at work.

I decided to pamper myself by taking a nice long bath and just soak my sore muscles.

I gave her my address and also hinted that I really love a girl in uniform (school girl that is).

She replied that she would see what she could come up with.I hadn`t ever had a blow job quite as wonderful as this in a long time, but it was about to get better.Candy took one hand and began fondling my slick balls before running her hand down to my ass, where she playfully tickled my tight hole.About an hour went by and she had still not shown up.I was starting to think I was going to have to start my search over again, when the doorbell rang. Although Candy had given me a description of what she looked like I was not prepared for what was standing on my doorstep when I swung the door open to greet her. There she stood, 5' 9" tall, long red curly hair, green eyes and oh my god the body on her was immaculate.Well here, you little slut, your wish is granted." With that said she lowered her head to my crotch flipped up my skirt and buried her face between my legs.