In a tender scene, a couple of Arthur’s friends considerately reminisce and sing the praises of his remarkable wife who’s passed on.

Scant minutes after meeting, Amanda and Graham kiss passionately and end up in the bedroom.

With the loneliness of the Christmas holidays already setting in on these two singles, they both decide to go for it and take a much-needed vacation.

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Why do the two consummate their infatuation so quickly?

Despite being a widowed father of two who's earnestly trying to do the best he can as a single parent, Graham is a womanizer with a long list of one-night stands.

Once in England, Amanda has trouble adjusting to driving on the opposite side she's used to, and during a trip into town she almost runs over a bicyclist and comes close to colliding with an oncoming vehicle. Graham first meets Amanda while he's "inordinately p---ed," and she later drinks herself unconscious. Wine, champagne, sake, brandy and beer all get downed or mentioned.

While staying at Rosewood Cottage, she accidentally bumps her head (hard) on one of the house's beams. A friend of Iris' smokes a cigarette at an office party.

Meanwhile, back in England, Amanda's hitting it off with Graham—who just happens to be Iris' brother. The kind gesture sparks a sweet relationship between the two, and Iris comes to discover that the retiree, named Arthur Abbott, used to be one of Hollywood's premier screenwriters.

Iris sees an old man wandering lost around her neighborhood in L. She later convinces him to accept a lifetime achievement award from the Writers Guild Association by offering to help him walk again without the use of a walker.

Therefore, with the same segregating mentality as Graham, she reasons away her impromptu physical relationship as simply a no-strings-attached, two-week fling.

"This is what a vacation is all about—do the unexpected," she says, trying to justify it to herself.

leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering the expected benchmarks of the genre.