The few trolls it has in the chat are ones that can be found anywhere on the internet, give it a shot and see how you like it.

I find with House Eros that that the people are really fun and willing to work with you.

Sometimes it can take a while to find a partner or get a response to a trend you post.

I would suggest you at least give the site a try it is a pretty good site and you don't have to rp over email if you would prefer not to.

the site is pretty accommodating when it come to how you want to rp.

1 Point is, this GM team is consistent of loser trash from other RP sites that failed as GMs on good sites, so they fail as GMs on a bad site now.

Fantastic RP site, there is so many different categories for the different person that likes whatever.

The people are nice and there are a wide range of kinks and a fair set up for request threads. These are things I did from day one and then a year later all of a sudden it's a problem.

Enforce the rules all the time and make them apply to everyone or just don't bother.

It is a great site and I really wish I could return because I have learned my lesson from being banned from there and House Elysium which is a quiet site since the Chat there is inactive.