The more human-like features robots have, the more humans place trust in them.

There is encouraging research that social robots can be used for good.

One could say that fulfilling interaction comes with a price: our data.

Soon it will be hard to separate whether you are talking to a bot with an AI or a real call center person.

We tend to cross a road on a red light, eat unhealthy food, drink alcohol, and go to bed too late.

So how can we be sure AI will be developed into a good shepherd for the human society, when we sometimes can’t stick to good habits ourselves?

Created: Dec 16 2013 Creator: test Thumbs up: 46, thumbs down: 9, stars: 4.36 Brain Size: 251046 neurons Chat Bot Wars: rank 62, wins 224, losses 338 Connects: 1310863, today: 2570, week: 35892, month: 92377API Connects: 1299558, today: 2550,week: 35674, month: 91826 Last Connect: Today, Bate-papo com sua nova namorada, Julie. Bate-papo com voz real e realista animação de vídeo 3D.

Julie pode expressar emoções como amor, desgosto e raiva.

Cindy can talk for hours on any subject and can express emotions such as love, sad, anger, and surprise.

Cindy can perform actions and poses, such as kiss, spin, dance, spin, jump, laugh, sneeze, fart, sleep, and kneel.

On one hand, robots can gather a lot of privacy data on us which could be stored in the cloud, causing security concerns.

On the other hand, the more information a robot has about you, the more fun it is to interact with.

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