I have many fantasies, but I think about being with a man more than anything. Back when I was 17, I was at music concert (The Monsterball). Now I was butt naked, each ARM and leg tied to the bed posts.I arrived topless, dressed in heavy jewelry and denim shorts. I originally arrived with my two friends but I definitely wasn't going to be leaving with them. Im 20 years old and recently lost my virginity to a co-worker. a little more painful than anticipated but after 2 minutes it was nothing but pleasure. Then he ( my friend with benefits) sits infront of me, his legs over my shoulders and says "suck". I'm 15 years old, blablabla, and I'm best friends with this guy who is also 15. He claimed to be straight, but I started questioning it.I was lonely one Friday and sitting in The Pub nursing a Lemonade.

i was in 8th std,wen i went to stay with my uncle.after few days i went to his room bt he was not der..i was searching for smthng bt i found some **** cd's.the time my uncle came and i suddenly kept it aside and went out..after few days..i was sleeping with my uncle at night... My parents separated for half a year when I was 15. Most nights he would drink heavily and sometimes he would telephone my...

My mother went to stay with her parents and took my little sister. I've never been with a man, but I am more than ready for my first experience. My earliest sexual fantasies involved both males and females and nothing has changed. One night I'm awakened by the force of someone ontop of me , I usually sleep inboxers layingon my chest.

My gay best friend goes there and we want to have sex but the reason I am going there is to hang out with my cousin. We woke up and took a little boat to come to the beach. Now my friends knew about my sexuality and I assumed they were all straight. There were 3 of us sitting on my friend Jorge's porch drinking beer and talking. He was always nice to me, and on one cold Afternoon after...

My cousin knows my friend from playing on the same travel volleyball team for 3 years. finishing a gardening job early one hot summers day i thought i must get home for a shower on the way home i see a boy about 16 i thought hitchiking i stop my van and pick him up i was in my mid thirties at this time and as it was hot i only had my cut off shorts and... Beach was located on a small island next to the one we have been on. I am a female, and nothing turns me on more, than reading about two men, having sex with each other, giving each other ********, ******* each other in the ***. I have no idea why it turns me on to the point that I can almost ****** without...

I love the feeling of another mans hands on my body. My firsttime was with two (yes, two) wonderful older men. One was thin and toned,the other was a bit more of bear though not hairy. The first real gay experience I had was hooking up with two guys on the internet. I got to their place and as soon as we got in the door one of the guys kissed me full on the lips. on most mornings before school and afternoons after school, they would pick me up in their beaten up sandman and drive to a deserted park or isolated part of town. Two guys much younger than me, both really hot and very eager to use me. I was feeling horny yesterday afternoon so i called into a gay hotline to see if i could get lucky.

Still can't believe how ready I was to just be used, and looking forward to doing it again. ive been a memeber since the begin of oct, and no replies to my mgs.

I knew when I was a boy about 7 or 8 that I couldn't see myself married with a family when I grew up, and I have never been attracted to or had sex with a girl. My gay best friend, Troy, who've I have had gay sex with since 8th grade also goes there. After a while, we started getting small audiences, and our pracitices were little more than free shows.

My first gay experience was at age 12 with a school friend who was a few years older than me. and tonight night-Sunday afternoon I will be at Indiana University. Troy and I already want to see each other and have rough sex, but what happens if my cousin wants to come with? some friends of mine; drinking joking around and just having fun. One guy that came to see us often was in his early 30's.

Because it was just the 2 of us and we are both males he never hid anything from me.