I asked if they had boyfriends.“There’s this boy Seth,” said Greta, “and when he liked my profile picture, I knew it was like, ‘Hey, ’sup, you cute.’ Then we held hands at a party. But the one thing I didn’t like about him was he didn’t follow me back on Instagram.Social media causes soooooo much anxiety.”They all agreed on that.“The thing with social media is, if a guy doesn’t respond to you or doesn’t, like, stalk you back, then you’re gonna feel rejected,” said Melissa.“And rejection hurts,” said Padma.“And then you’re gonna go, like, look for another person to fill that void and you’re gonna move on to stalking someone else,” Melissa said.“That’s how men become such whores,” said Greta.“Guys actually take the Facebook-talking situation way too far,” meaning sexually, said Zoe.

Kids have always been interested in sex, of course; but there have never been more ways for them to express that to one another, at any moment of the day, no matter where they are.

They don’t even have to be together, and often they are not.

In January, Michael Downs, a local teen, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting 15 girls (one a 12-year-old), many of whom he met on Facebook.“We’re seeing depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation,” said Goldman.

“I think social media is contributing to these things.

’ You already know,” said Padma.“You can know their likes and dislikes,” Greta said. Go away.’”I asked them how they knew when a boy liked them.“When a boy likes your [Facebook] profile pic or almost anything you post, it means that they’re stalking you, too. I asked them how they made the transition from social-media interaction to real-world interaction.

“‘Oh, they like this band.’ So you can, like, casually wear that band’s T-shirt and have them, like, fall in love with you or something. They blinked.“You talk to them on Facebook; you do chat with them,” Melissa said.“You can be sitting in class getting a boner ’cause some girl is texting you that she wants to suck your dick,” said a boy in L. “It’s kind of distracting.”As quickly as new social media appears, teens seem to find ways to use it to have sex, often sex devoid of even any pretense of emotional intimacy. Two hundred bucks.” And then there is Tinder, where kids can meet each other on their phones. “Even people who get in a relationship, it usually starts with a hookup.” Which can mean anything from making out to having sex.There’s sexting, and there’s Snapchat, where teenagers share pictures of their bodies or body parts; on Skype, sometimes they strip for each other or masturbate together. told me about a boy he knew who had a Pay Pal account where he accepted payment for being sexual online with “random guys . “It’s like Grindr used to be for gay guys, but now kids are doing it,” said a girl in L. “No one cares about anything but how you look.”“We don’t date; we just hook up,” another girl in L. “When you have sex with a guy, they want it to be like a porno,” said a 19-year-old girl in New York. Oral is, like, the new kissing.” “The cum shot in the face is a big thing,” said another girl.Goldman is the director of the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project, a counseling service for teens that reaches around 23,000 kids in 14 schools in the district.(She’s also the sister of Ron Goldman, the man slain along with Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of O. Simpson.) “Girls talk about feeling like they have to be like what they see on TV,” she said.The average American teen now spends nearly every waking moment on a smart phone or computer or watching TV.