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We Remember The Holocaust (Holt, publisher) The Number on My Grandfather's Arm (UAHC Press, publisher) A Hero and the Holocaust: The Story of Janusz and His Children (Holiday House, publisher) Child of the Warsaw Ghetto (Holiday House, publisher) Hiding From the Nazis (Holiday House, publisher) It's 1932.

Frame's experimental mindset in relation to music emerged on Knife, as the duration of the titular song is nearly nine minutes and synthesizers appear throughout the album.

Prior to the album's release, the band previewed a selection of songs as part of a performance for the BBC television show Rock Around The Clock He's [Knopfler] a great guitarist.

In a late 1990s television interview, Frame explained that a "boy" image was associated with him during this era, and that he was annoyed by it at the time, as he was taking his music very seriously—"you don't want to be called 'boy'; especially when you're listening to Joy Division"—but he eventually stopped caring about it.

After High Land Hard Rain, Bernie Clarke left the band, and was replaced by Malcolm Ross on second guitar and backing vocals.Mark Knopfler's recording techniques were great—you [Collins] would have liked him, 'cos that was ... 'Cos everyone was going digital, and going MIDI and all that, and his thing was all about using the right microphone.If you use the right microphone, then you don't have to use too much EQ and all that stuff, and it was all about that.After High Land, Hard Rain, Frame spent a significant amount of time living in New Orleans, United States (US), listening to Bob Dylan's album Infidels.Upon reading that Dire Straits' guitarist and singer Mark Knopfler produced the album, Frame began writing songs based on a sound that he thought Knopfler could work with.The single featured the song "Mattress Of Wire" and a B-side entitled "Lost Outside The Tunnel".