Mrs Merton made her TV debut as the next-door neighbour in Frank Sidebottom’s Fantastic Shed Show in 1992.

Her chat show Mrs Merton ran for three years on the BBC from 1995.

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She's the first: Caroline Cossey was the first openly transgender woman to appear in Playboy.

Having already done one shoot in 1981, she posed again in 1991, nearly a decade after News of the World exposed her Guidelines for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) vary from country to country, and Caroline explained that a candidate typically has to undergo psychological testing, and wait at least a year before being approved for sexual reassignment surgery.

Ultimately, Caroline said she wants Caitlyn to be happy, and while the I Am Cait star hasn't reached out to her, she said she would love to share her experience and answer any questions she might have.

aroline recently spoke with Playboy about her experience after decades of silence, as well as the initial shock she felt when Caitlyn came out as a transgender woman. She deserves the respect to be Caitlyn now.''[Andreja] is doing a documentary and she said I had been her idol growing and she said she would be honored if I would be in it,' Caroline said. I am taking small steps quite honestly.'And while Caroline hasn't made a decision as to whether or not she will appear in the documentary film about the model's transition from man to woman, which is entitled Andrej(A), she was immensely honored by the offer.

”, which quickly entered the British comedy hall of fame.

But Caroline’s working relationship with Cash came to an abrupt end when she walked out of work on Early Doors, eventually broadcast by the BBC in 2003, over problems with the script.

However, the interview was conducted before Bruce transitioned to Caitlyn, and she referred to her using her former name and male pronouns.'I hope she wasn't offended by anything that was in Playboy,' Caroline said earnestly. Andreja has followed in Caroline's footsteps as a pioneer for transgender people, breaking numerous boundaries as a model; she recently became the first transgender woman to land a major cosmetics campaign.

Caroline said that when she was little, she identified as male because she had a penis.

It featured an audience of pensioner regulars and in-house band Hooky and the Boys fronted by her then husband Peter Hook of New Order. X”Comedian David Baddiel said on Twitter: “The talent, you all knew about. Vulnerable and complex and damaged but lovely.”Little Britain comic David Walliams added: “A comedy genius.

Her gentle interviewing style enabled Caroline to ask cheeky questions that other hosts dared not, including famously asking Debbie Mc Gee, “So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels? ”Yesterday Debbie tweeted: “She was wonderful, especially as Mrs Merton. RIP.”Caroline was voted best female performer at the British Comedy Awards in 1996 while The Mrs Merton Christmas Show won the best talk show Bafta in 1997.

Alongside playing the chat show host she was also in the award-winning The Fast Show as TV weathergirl Paola Fisch, with the catchphrase “Scorchio!