But one night, she slept with a man who she had just met in a club… Although neither of them had a condom on them, she didn’t want to spoil the adventure by saying no.

“I wanted to be cool for once, so I had unprotected sex with somebody I didn’t know from a bar of soap. A week later, I heard through a mutual friend that he was HIV-positive.

But the next morning you wake up with dread,” she admits.

Samantha, who says she had “probably more than 30 partners”, comes from a well-off middleclass Western Cape family.

This led to lots of casual sex with many different partners and sugar daddies that paid for her habit.

She also slept with dealers in exchange for drugs and almost always had unprotected sex.

“When I became clean, the first thing I did was to get tested.

I was very lucky because I didn’t have any STIs [sexually transmitted infections] and I am HIV-negative.” Condoms are passé Small slip-ups can have big consequences.

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