Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee Police Sensitive Crimes at (414) 935-7401.

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Within minutes, she is seen rubbing Officer Mubarak's shoulder. RELATED: Pasadena police officer accused of having sex in patrol car Pasadena PD says this incident happened while Officer Mubarak was on duty.

He and the young woman were parked in a secluded parking lot.

Paris: Scientists on Tuesday revealed the "highly unusual" behaviour of a male monkey filmed trying to have sex with female deer in Japan -- a rare case of inter-species nookie.

Sex between animals from different species is uncommon, but exceptional cases are known to occur, chiefly in domesticated and captive animals, scientists reported in the journal Primates.

The team said further study is necessary to understand the origins of interspecies sexual behaviour, including zoophilia -- when humans are sexually attracted to animals.

The only other published scientific study on inter-species sexual behaviour was the much-publicised 2014 report of fur seals forcing themselves on penguins in Antarctica, the authors said.

Now a practicing attorney, we showed Nixon the just released video.

At one point, the woman leans into the officer and disappears from the video frame.

After the recording became known months later, he was placed on 30 days leave.