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Recently I started dating a younger man who is very well endowed.

I am 38 Nd was with a man who was smaller for over a year.

Ok so I am 20 and i lost my virginity a few years ago, but its been about 9 months since I had sex, Well ive been seeing this guy and the other day we decided to do the deed and I realized he was bigger than any one I had been with, And It hurt really bad, the next thing I know Im bleeding, I dont know why I was bleeding.. I can say this yep even at 38 and having 2 kids I still experienced pain and bleeding with the new mate. No matter how aroused I am we still need it so ladies dont be embarrassed to use it.

I dont have my period, and I lost my cherry like 4 years ago, is it possible that i could have tightend up so much over the past nine months that when I slept with him it could have been like popping my cherry again? He very well could have ripped the delicate tissues around the vaginal entrance, including remaining pieces of your hymen or even the vagina itself!!! Bleeding during sex comes from doing it too fast with not enough lubrication and being too nervous; NOT from being a virgin. He hits my cervix during sex and we ar not slow or gentle. I suggest a SILICONE based lube if protection is no longer necessary in your relationship. so glad to see many women here have same satuiation as me!

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