The FTC also says that AT&T’s data throttling is unfair because it kept people from using data they paid for, and then made them pay early termination fees if they tried to leave AT&T. S District Court for the Northern District of California, seeks to stop AT&T from using data throttling on customers who have been promised unlimited data plans.It also asks for refunds for people who paid early termination fees when they cancelled their unlimited data plans after their data was throttled.They are a fraud and hope they get fined and forced to deliver what they promised! I was just told by AT&T representative that Unlimited plan users have a cap placed on their LTE streaming at 5 Gigabytes.

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I have an unlimited plan with T Mobile and my data has slowed down drastically.

When I asked them about it I was advised to purchase a No Limit data plan for $20 a month. While alredy limiting me for the month, with a couple days left, they inform me that I'm nearing my 3G limit. So I reluctantly decided to upgrade to 5G for $5 more per month. That's Walmart family mobile through Tmobile..very low. If you reduce the speed to lower than the standard for other uses, you reduce the data use. The word unlimited is by its own definition meaning "without limit." I feel cheated by AT&T.

Now, can we see how the other providers are treating mobile signal in the same fashion.

Sprint may be a candidate for this, as my download speed has been obsolesant recently, while I pay for unlimited data and roaming, and it indiates hi-speed wireless signal.

Sounds to me like AT&T is using sales schemes to lure you out of your unlimited data. Since I learned about throttling I have started playing videos all night while I sleep out of spite. I truly hope there is a class action suit for customers like myself.

Can't wait till they lost this lawsuit and I get my True unlimited data plan back. Apparently i went over for the month this month last night and i was shocked at the slow speed i received last night.

Net effect was that I went over in about 2 weeks of billing cycle.