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Chat room portal iphone-29

During room creation, you will see this option as "Allow anyone to invite other Twitch users" below your room name before clicking Create.

Uncheck this check box to make sure only you and your group room moderators can send invites.

Moderators for the channel where the group chat room was created are not automatically invited or granted Moderator status in group chat rooms.

You can elevate guests to Moderator status, as well as ignore, ban, and timeout.

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Get your groove back with custom emoticons and bots, animated gifs, RSS feeds, and Twitter notifications.

This can be your channel, a friend's channel, or your dashboard.

You can also pop-up out the chat window to keep all of your group chats going while moving around the site.

Persistent, searchable, and loaded with goodies: group chat, video chat, screen sharing, and the security your IT team craves.