It is important to determine if the person is still enjoying the sensation and not causing harm to him-/herself.If he/she is causing abrasion to the tissues, offering K-Y jelly or some other water-soluble lubricant may be helpful.For young men, explain to them why they cannot urinate with an erection, how a penis works, etc.

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It is the perpetrator who makes the decision to sexual abuse.

Therefore, when teaching people about how to say "No" to unwanted sexual contact, we must be sure to avoid giving the impression that they are responsible if they are abused. In order to teach assertiveness, like saying "No," we have to stop teaching command compliance.

It is nearly impossible now to sterilize a person with a disability.

Good self-care and an understanding of one's sexual needs and responsibilities can keep a person as safe as possible under normal circumstances, but there will be times when concerns about pregnancy and/or sexual behaviors will result in the need for oral or other forms of contraception. Women who have a disability appear to be abused even more.

These terms should be taught using relaxed and open language.

Children will fondle themselves during early childhood.Bath time is also a good time to teach body awareness including the need to treat one's body with respect. Imagine going through these changes without knowing the names of body parts, without the preparation of anticipating change, and without the awareness that someone trusted is available if he/she has any questions.Based on my experience, I believe this can be taught, regardless of the identified level of disability. This type of information helps these individuals know that they are not "falling apart" and that they can ask questions.If we allow the child's disability to keep us from teaching these concepts, then we will leave him/her vulnerable. It is not enough to just wait and then tell someone "oh, by the way, ask if you have questions." Around this time, young men and women may begin to masturbate.Just as children learn to eat, drink, sleep, and deal with fear, they can learn to express their sexuality. This activity can be engrossing after bringing oneself to orgasm the first time.We have a sexual drive as long as we have enough to eat, drink, and sleep, and are not under undue stress.