After all he is the main instigation for us doing this feature so it seems most fitting.

Getting into a 2002 never fails to excite me – all my senses are heightened.

On the day Yusuf and I hatched the plan to do the feature, he introduces me to his nephew Nazir Sibda aka Kapi, a true BMW enthusiast and fellow 2002 owner.

Earlier this year at a BMW Car Club race day I met Bilaal Mia while sheltering from a vicious hailstorm – as the wind drives the rain against my face it does not distract me from the attention I am showering on a Golf yellow 2002.

As I chat to Yusuf on our way to the Calabash I find out that his passion for 2002s is actually an obsession.

“I’ve wanted to own a 2002 since high school and managed to eventually get my first 2002 in 1985 for R5k.

But he redeemed himself somewhat by showing me his latest Inca orange 2002.

I later found out that the new owner was Nick Coetzee’s brother in-law – I did a write-up on Nick’s 2002 tii Alpina A4 replica that was featured in BMW Car’s 2012 October edition.Later he sold his initial red 2002 and bought a white round tail-light tii which he completely restored over two years and sold to well-known 2002 enthusiast Clive Massel who eventually emigrated to Australia. “I was driving my normal route passing old Bob’s Scrap-yard when suddenly something caught my 2002 radar, a dust cover had just been blown off a Polaris silver 2002 and on closer inspection I discovered it was a square tail-light tii, “I just had to have it,” and even now I see the excitement in his face. Yusuf persisted as he did with the Inca Orange 2002 and eventually it paid off.He wore the owner down and he took ownership of what is undoubtedly his favourite of all the 2002s he has had.We all meet at Mzansi Auto Finishers, a car cleaning and detailing outfit owned by Kapi and Bilaal.I elect to travel to the Calabash in Yusuf’s 1971 Inca orange 2002.It is a real testament to German engineering and even though it is over forty years old it is completely functional and feels very well put together.