They love to look after their man and will do almost anything for them to make them happy.

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If you spend hours getting ready and take ballet and yoga classes, it might be best not to mention that. It’s a little old-fashioned, but the plus-side is they’ll be incredibly feminine.

In my eyes, I actually think Russian women make you become a better man, just by dating them.

But if you want a challenge and the chance to sleep with a 10, then you should try.

To be honest, I don’t date anything but Russian girls these days, they are perfect to me. Don’t use opinion openers, they will say “why are you asking me this stupid question”.

Be aggressive about approaching and sealing the deal, but be passive and slightly meek while in conversation. If you want to talk about Denmark, frame it so that you’re asking her for help, not that you’re sharing observations.

It’s better to be a generic, neutral, pleasant guy who wishes for world peace than one who has strong opinions and wants to share deep wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of rich experiences. From a getting-laid standpoint, being self-deprecating about your own country to fit her stereotypes is much better than criticizing hers.

In return she’ll cook for you and iron your clothes (yes they love to do this for their men and no it’s not sexist to them).

Tell her what you want, what you like, and she’ll do the same.

There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to visit a bar or club to pull pussy for the night. It was rare to see less than a 2:1 ratio of males to females, but often it was much higher.

The only time I experienced a favorable ratio was when I mistakenly went to a lesbian bar.

They are amazing women to date, but you have to get past the initial interaction first and get to know them.