We have stolen the Picasso from the National Gallery as a protest against the niggardly funding of the fine arts in this hick State and against the clumsy, unimaginitive stupidity of the administration and distribution of that funding.

Two conditions must be publicly agreed upon if the painting is to be returned. The Minister must announce a commitment to increasing the funding of the arts by 10% in real terms over the next three years, and must agree to appoint an independent committee to enquire into the mechanics of the funding of the arts with a view to releasing money from its administration and making it available to artists. The Minister must announce a new annual prize for painting open to artists under thirty years of age. A fund is to be established to ensure that the real value of the prizes is maintained each year. Because the Minister of the Arts is also Minister of Plod, we are allowing him a sporting seven days in which to try to have us arrested while he deliberates.

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The demands included increases to funding for the arts; threats were made that the painting would be destroyed.

After an anonymous tip-off to police, the painting was found undamaged in a locker at Spencer Street Station on 19 August 1986. After painting Guernica, Picasso created a series of works depicting one of the figures in the work, a weeping woman.

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There will be no negotiation, At the end of seven days if our demands have not been met and our campaign continue.

Your very humble servants, Australian Cultural Terrorists The "Australian Cultural Terrorists" wrote two letters addressed to Race Mathews, Minister for the Arts in the second government of Victorian Premier John Cain.

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