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Attempting to discuss the army’s so-called classified activities in public could result in military prosecution and trial, because these are, supposedly, “national security secrets” that Egypt’s rivals — like Israel — must not find out about.

This article examines the hidden role of the military in Egypt’s economy and how it tends to take on the form of economic activities for which the army is unfit and that steer the military establishment away from its principal obligations, namely advancing national defense and protecting the country’s borders.

And does discussing these enterprises in public pass as a crime of high treason?

The leaders of the Egyptian Armed Forces believe the answer is “yes.” Until this very day, the role of the military establishment in the economy remains one of the major taboos in Egyptian politics.

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In charge of managing these enterprises are the army’s generals and colonels, notwithstanding the fact that they lack the relevant experience, training, or qualifications for this task.

The military’s economic interests encompass a diverse range of revenue-generating activities, including the selling and buying of real estate on behalf of the government, domestic cleaning services, running cafeterias, managing gas stations, farming livestock, producing food products, and manufacturing plastic table covers.

Why is the budget of the Egyptian army above public transparency and accountability?

Is it because it is exclusively concerned with national defense and thus must remain classified? It is certainly true that one part of the Egyptian army’s budget is concerned with defense-related activities, such as the procurement or co-production of weaponry.

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