In 2008, the University of Colorado honored Cooper-Morning for her service to her community and to CU.“Her engaged and respectful participation in department dialogue touches the intellect and spirit of everyone involved,” wrote Donna Langston, ethnic studies department chair.

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guided masturbation” and as the site promotes “phone sex that will rock every part of your body! “It’s very important to us that our employees uphold the values of our organization while they are in the workplace,” Clark said.

.” “Maybe kiss my brown thighs,” suggests her phone sex site. According to the woman’s daughter-in-law, there is good reason to be concerned.

” while a 2013 offering is called “Vanilla Cocoa Butter Oil.” The short videos generally show Cooper-Morning in provocative poses and taking her clothes off.

It does not appear operating the website violates any university or state policies.

I’ve been in her office and she’s said, ‘Oh, let me be right back I have a phone call.’ She takes them very discreetly, shuts her door takes phone sex calls on CU of Denver’s pay.” Blair Cooper conceded she is enmeshed in a messy and heated family spat with her mother-in-law and that she would like to see her fired.

“As a taxpayer I think this is wrong that she is doing this on our dollar,” said Blair Cooper.

Cooper-Morning, 54, declined to speak in person, by phone or via email to CBS4 about her website and her outside employment.

Cooper-Morning has worked for the university since 1992 and is currently paid ,000 annually.

“The University of Colorado Denver takes this allegation very seriously,” said CU Denver Vice Chancellor of Communications Leanna Clark after learning about the phone sex business from CBS4.