When I confronted him, he didn't understand why I was upset.

He said that having sex online was harmless and a way to "get off" without breaking his marriage vows (we've been married 10 years). A: This is a situation I see more and more often as the Internet becomes a staple in homes.

I wasn't planning on having a **** but I went to the loo and had a pee and got a bit hard, with a semi I walked back to my seat, I was wearing a pair of cream linen trousers and...

Cyber wanking chat rooms-68

I noticed that a couple of the guys around me were openly wanking, so I thought "what the hell" and got my **** out and started rubbing myself as I watched...

So I was on the train yesterday, the journey was going to take about 2 hours and I was getting bord.

It was such a good feeling I played with my **** making sure... Of course I dont do it so often but it is still a great release.

my dad was a tough ex army type, now a lorry driver , being the middle one of three boys he did not have a lot of time for me, but one day he did take me in his lorry , it was a hot day and all he had on was his work boots and bib and brace overalls, thats when i noticed the... My wife died many years ago, so solo sex is the only thing I do. I went to an Erasure concert at an outdoor venue some years ago and there were big queues to go to pee so i went into a small wood.

when I was 12 or 13 and have continued nearly everyday since. I had a great ****** that I'll never experience again (unless I have my first sex with my wife). My **** grew hard as I continued to rub myself with the towel then suddenly my *** shot out.

I was drying myself with a towel after a swim at the local baths and felt a strange feeling.

Two main issues are in play here: honesty and uncommunicated expectations.

First, your husband offers an explanation for his behavior that is possible, but not highly believable.

Unless he informed you or gave you the chance to participate in these activities, it was not an honest act on his part.

He also brushed off a chance to set the record straight without lying.

my room was with 2 really hot guys one of which was a **** addict.