This bla-bla is ridiculous why don't go this talkers and help the people in real terms, it's obvious, to emit hot air everyone can do without qualification, knowledge or whatever, but to do some real thing it needs some ability to think and work who has that?

, it is a sad experience to see kids working at the roadside carrying heavy things like stones which they had beforehand broken into large wide plates on the head and throw them down where they are needed.

All girls have big dreams but most of time they are blocked by the social and environmental situations in the country.

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The country is not yet overrun by Western, Japanese and Chinese styling as contemporary Thailand is where they really copy everything possible in particular in he fashion business.

As is can be seen in the pictures here in Burma they still have their own values.

Many have very long hairs sometimes reaching down two third of the body size.

Make up is not used very much beside of the usual thanakha paste which functions as face decoration and rather secondary as a skin protection against the sun.

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The nightlife in Yangon, Myanmar was much more fun than what I was expecting!are already doing some real work within the family and cottage industry e.g.they help to produce cheroots (local cigarettes) which are mainly handmade and other items, actually its not in such a big industrial scale as in neighboring India and Bangladesh and this wont stop at the cheroots just see the the pics from the roadwork's here and in the countryside in the paddy fields etc. Luckily they have the monasteries for the boys and similar for the girls, actually there is continuous screaming about democracy and such things but the same who continuously shout against everyone and everything never move a finger to help the kids.The boys take the monk dresses and often during the day they try to get some income outside the monastery.Have you read my fresh & up-to-date 2015 Travel Guide to Myanmar?Have a look around but there is no nightlife as it is in Yangon or Mandalay everything is quiet and culture oriented.