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Unlike other parts of the animal kingdom where partners are affectionately wooed by attractive and colourful displays, female tortoises are bullied into submission though relentless ramming, biting and butting from their male counterparts.

The type of aggressive behaviour demonstrated by these amorous males varies between differing species, from biting and head bobbing rituals of the Testudo Horsfieldii, to considerable and often wound inflicting biting and shell battering from Testudo Ibera.

Some eggs seemed to hatch with very little persuasion, while others inevitably went rotten, collapsed or exploded in the incubator.

In certain other cases, female tortoises suddenly became very ill or died during gestation or attempted egg laying efforts.

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After fertilisation the tiny eggs are segregated into clutches of two to twelve, depending on the species, then one clutch at a time are allowed to grow to full size.

These full size eggs are then “shelled”, ready for laying.

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