The footballer, 30, claims the glamour model, 33, has prevented him from seeing their three boys Archie, Harry and George - forcing him to return to the courts for access.In a statement issued to Mail Online on Danielle's behalf, her representative said: 'Yesterday, Danielle Lloyd was subject to another Twitter tirade from her ex-husband Jamie O’Hara in which Mr O’Hara stated that he had been denied access to his three children.'This is not however the case - Jamie O’Hara was unable to keep to the arrangements that had been made of his own accord, arrangements which are bound by a court agreement and are in place to achieve stability and safety for their children.'According to Danielle, Jamie was due to collect the boys at 9.30am on Tuesday to take them to a football match.She captioned the image with the words: 'Starting early today..

Visitation, calling and Facetiming my sons has been made increasingly hard for me and this is why I have spoken out.'On several occasions since I have left the CBB house I have been told they were not available and I have also been banned from watching them play football by my ex-wife and warned that there will be trouble if I do.

I take huge objection to the unfounded comments from my ex-wife regarding my capabilities as a father.

This week, Danielle brushed off the drama as she revealed that her baby due date is at the end of August and that her sons are hoping it will be a sister.

She's the Australian model known for promoting positive body image.

It wasn't until the venue had shut that he realised.'Knowing he was going to be two hours late to collect the kids in Birmingham, Jamie's partner Elizabeth [Tierney] suggested she would collect them for him, because she lives nearby.

'It was at that point that Danielle flew off the handle and told Jamie not to let Elizabeth near the house, that he could no longer see the children and that she'd see him court.'Jamie vented his frustrations at Danielle in an epic Twitter rant on Wednesday afternoon.

The footballer insisted at the time he wanted to focus on his family rather than strike up a relationship.

However since the break, he has jetted off with stunning model Elizabeth-Jayne, who he split from last year, to Dubai, sharing a number of sweet snaps.

Meanwhile, Danielle is expecting her first child with fiance Michael O'Neill, who she met in late 2015.

A rift between Danielle and Jamie was widened during his time in Celebrity Big Brother, last month.

However, the former Spurs man contacted her via email at 1.30am the same morning to explain he'd be unable to make it at that time as he had left his keys inside a London venue following a charity event.