Pete 11/7/16 Thank you to everyone who’s pitching in to help support these cams, and Starr Ranch in general! I’m grateful for any amount – it all helps and is all important!

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And AMKE’s have been flying around and vocalizing lately so maybe they’ll check out the box out and use it. Not a honeybee in sight; it’s clear they bailed on it. If not, I may try to make some candles from the wax.

But note the wax covering the opening with just a hole left for them to come and go. Pete 2/8/17 I recently noticed that there are new sticks on a Red-shouldered Hawk nest from two years ago that already has a cam on it. So, at least for now, I’m going to shut down the Bat Box cam and use that encoder for the RSHA nest cam.

In the post below I mentioned how to do this in Fire Fox. Pete 3/15/17 The Allen’s Hummingbird cam went down and given it’s a ways away from Starr Ranch I haven’t had time to troubleshoot and fix.

And I also think the two chicks have probably fledged by now.

And finally, the Cavity Cam’s poor quality is likely due to the cams old age and rain related problems, which will be difficult fix given she isn’t leaving for more than a minute or two at a time.

So please know that I’m aware of all of these issues and will fix as soon as I can.

Two other things: I was going through my videos the other day and stumbled on this one of a doing, well, what they do. I get such a kick out of every once in a while catching them unaware while they excavate.

I’m soon going to pull the Compost Cam and reinstall it at Pete Bloom’s where again this year an Allen’s Hummingbird has nested in a plant by his front door.

(You can fulfill your pledge or make a donation .) Your generosity also helps keep the rest of Starr Ranch operational. I also want to thank you for making this cam page more than I ever thought it would be.

Among other things, I am so gratified by your thoughtful and educational commenting and the capturing and sharing of vidoes and pics.

Some of you may recall watching this nest last year.