Jarron Jackson, a police spokesman, said he could not discuss Rogers' cases or his mother's claims, as the cases are pending in court.

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She also said she feels she's been played by police after cooperating with them following the December shooting.

A detective told her that he was trying to rule Rogers out as a suspect in another December shooting, she said.

When Aisha Waters got the call, she felt Baltimore's violent gun culture barrelling its way back into her life — thumping in her chest, resurrecting past traumas, frightening her so deeply that she couldn't bring herself to go to the hospital.

It was the night before Mother's Day, and a friend of her 17-year-old son, Daishawn Rogers, was on the line telling her Daishawn had been shot in the neck. "I couldn't even go to the hospital when he got hurt, because I was having an anxiety attack."Since then, Waters said her fears have only been compounded, as her son's role in the city's gun war has shifted from victim to suspect.

Police said they were in the area at the time because a delivery driver had been robbed, and had chased Rogers and another unidentified male after hearing gunshots and seeing them running with guns.

Waters said her son told a different story."He said he did have a gun, but it was on his leg the whole time. He raised his hand up to block the mace and [the gun] slid off his leg and they shot him," she said.

Waters, who said she works two jobs seven days a week to provide for her five kids, said she is "angry about the whole situation." She and Rogers' public defender, Elizabeth Lopez, are seeking to move his cases to juvenile court, as the crimes he is charged with occurred when he was 17.

A teenager shot by Baltimore police during an altercation in December has now been charged with attempted murder in an unrelated shooting the month prior, according to Baltimore police.

He's never been locked up before, she said."He's just a kid. He still has a lot of growing up to do," Waters said.

"The way they're doing him, it's like he's a menace to society, and he's not like that at all."Lt.

Police say Rogers repeatedly picked up and put down the gun before he was shot.