Bulgaria is an EU-member state, so there is no need to obtain special documents.

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Before she started selling her body, however, her life was not without its difficulties.

Her husband died shortly after their wedding and Magda was soon admitted to a clinic due to a nervous breakdown. Then realized she was without money and already felt used so she started working for herself. The daughter of her flatmate rushes towards her and hugs her legs again.

I’ll soon put an end to this and I will no longer do it!

” Asked when this will happen, she smiles somewhat guilty: “Soon!

Natalia had come to prostitute herself there for the first time.

“I told her to go home immediately because she would dearly regret it. In Bulgaria as in every country, sex work places range from apartments, to brothels (venues with more than three sex workers), massage parlors, bars and clubs.

Wait a minute, I’ll show you some pictures,” Natalia chatters away, pointing at a photo album.

In each one of the many pictures she is posing with a different man.

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