OP, this is the DL,your post describes 2/3 of the people here.

About 15 years ago or so, before I came out, I used to call up Blatino hustlers/escorts whose names and numbers I got from some 800 number you could call and hear local escort ads. I would call them up, and jerk off as they described their bodies and dicks, and what they got into. Some of the guys were wise to what I was doing, my moaning giving me away.

He seemed to suddenly be a bit desperate and that was a real turnoff so I said I had an early start.

Free hookups no sign ups-12Free hookups no sign ups-69

I walked him to the gate (gated condos) whereupon he punched me in the face and slugged me in the ribs, cracking one (or two? I then began worshipping his body, muscle upon muscle.

He then pulled a knife on me and demanded all my money.

He was a high school football coach in town for a training camp and couldn't take me back to his hotel (I can't remember why I didn't offer my place; maybe my roommate was home?

) Anyway, we're making out in my car in a pretty public parking lot near the bars and he's being very clear he wants to fuck me.

I ended up having to push him out the passenger door with my feet.

Next day I called my friend and told him what happened, he wasn't surprised, said the guy had a reputation for being a bit unbalanced and liking it rough. About three months later saw him in the news for attempted murder.

He must've had some caller ID thing, which I guess was new-ish back in the lat '90s, and he called me back telling me that he was able to trace my name and address, and that he and some of his buddies were going come over to my place and beat me up.

I was living at my parents' place at the time, and was terrified of, one, this guy coming over, and two, outing me to my parents.

Upon opening the door, I realized he had muscular dystrophy and his legs were way undersized.