Kicking and screaming, Atefeh was left dangling for 45 minutes from the arm of the crane as the crowd sobbed and - under their breath - damned the mullahs. But Judge Haji Rezaii was determined she should hang, regardless of the rules of international law which say only adults over 18 can be executed, and that the courts have a duty to children and the mentally ill.

Advertisement The brutal end to Atefeh's short life has shone a new light on Iran's Shariah law, where adultery, theft and rape all carry the same punishment - death.

In some minutes of the day and night I lose my sanity.

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Shari serves him well to kill, the Quran makes his mind right.

No one can tell him it’s not so for death by sword hangs headily, For one who asks him things not to ask, question his might, It’s for him to say who you are, what you are, be quiet, steadily, Following his will on earth, no other, nothing firm, nothing true, Mullah swine in city confines, Mullah filth, his hate-filled spew, The stuff of minds work that wakes one at night with eyes dazed. Shouting, anger turns, takes my soul dim, In hate too.

The public hanging of a child, believed to be mentally incompetent, totally beggars belief. LESBIANISM: 100 lashes, or on the fourth occasion death. RUBBING ANOTHER MAN'S THIGHS OR BUTTOCKS: 99 lashes - on 4th occasion, death.

To hang a child flies in the face of all that is humane." CRUELTY OF SHARIA LAW PENALTIES imposed by Iran's religious mullahs include: THEF T: Amputation of hands or feet for persistent offenders. [email protected] But the "Human Rights Organizations" (I quote the name sarcastically) only care about Guantanomo Prisoners being forced to listen to music they don't enjoy. They are a crack group and don't have the ability to render judgement to anyone about anything. Yup, the mullahs hang rape victims for their 'crime' of 'unchastity', and execute homosexuals, but to the pro-'gay', feminist left, W, and Christians and other folks who want to leave the definition of marriage unchanged are the real threat. Finding evil joy in the ripped, dead child, satisfies the lust, A short while. Finding celebration in the man pierced, turned back to dust.

One of Atefeh's teachers said the authorities wanted to make an example of her: "She wouldn't take injustice from anyone, but the mullahs equate these qualities in a girl to prostitution and evil.

They wanted to give all the girls and women a lesson." Amnesty International UK director Kate Allen said: "The killing of Atefeh is a catalogue of the most appalling human rights violations. SODOMY: Death for adults, 74 lashes for consenting child."Perhaps we should have helped her instead," said Hamid. After she died, there was no one to look after her." Mina, a childhood friend, said Atefeh was abused by a close relative."I think the death of her mother had a devastating effect. "She never dared talk about it with an adult," said Mina.Life was never easy for Atefeh, who was brought up in the industrial town of Neka, 250 miles from Tehran and close to the Caspian Sea.Her mother died when she was a child and her father Ghasseem, a heroin addict, left her grandparents to bring her up.Fools they carry his will, stand in front, die for Allah? On the sand once Israel, a spot of land small, his after she’s razed. He barks as a dog into the air, swim the glory of a dead child, While he pleasures in setting things right to his will void of truth, all lies, And reels and steals every good thing man can know, certain the mild, Shall burn at his feet, be no more; what’s left eaten, swallowed by flies.