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Reports of appalling hygiene conditions in the l-tsz in Tai Ping Shan District, where terminal patients without means have spent their final days, shock the public.

HDB tells single mother to quit rental flat or pay double rent I refer to the article “HDB gives single mother with no other housing options to quit rental flat or pay double rent” (The Independent, Mar 23).

Jobless single mother caring for a sick father recovering from a heart attack It states that “Social... Anyone read REACH's poll where they stated that more than half of Singaporeans welcomed Budget 2017’s initiatives to support families and build a more inclusive society, but many disagreed with the move to increase water prices.

The poll had randomly chosen 1,111 Singaporeans aged 20 and above, and they were polled... I refer to the AGC’s press release on Ms Han Hui Hui dated 21 March.

Thankfully, no Singaporean was involved in the attack in... Healthway Medical Corp is facing huge financial difficulties that they even had to tell patients that they are running out of medication, and tell them to take their prescriptions to pharmacies because the firm had not been able to place orders fast enough? It states that: Ms Han had since complied with AGC’s conditions. She had also published the apology and undertaking required of her on her social media accounts. Sing Tel warns of fake billing emails Singtel has warned all its subscribers that there is a fake billing email going around that is supposedly sent by Singtel, telling subscribers that their bills are ready for download.

“Here to Stay” from the movie wins the Best Original Film Song at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.

The movie is also nominated for the “Best Cinematography” award in the Film Awards Organize the first “I-Run Hong Kong Special Marathon 2011” in Hong Kong To celebrate TWGHs’ 145th anniversary, TWGHs has planned a whole year of exciting initiatives.

In addition, TWGHs has partnered with Hong Kong Commercial Radio to roll out a series of programme under the theme “萬大善事有東華”.