(You can download in the Apple apps store or Google's Play store.)3.

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You can Email Weymouth and Portland Borough Council about our webcams.

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MEERKAT is a free i OS app released in February 2015 that allows anyone to transmit live video on Twitter, essentially creating a special video channel on Twitter that other people can watch and interact with by sending tweets.

The fact that it only broadcasts on Twitter makes Meerkat a little different.

Most Livestream users pay premium fees to create professional broadcasting streams.

But Livestream also has options for connecting its services with mobile phones so people can stream on the go, too.

Until recently, most live-streaming software was designed to broadcast video from a desktop webcam or laptop computer, not a phone.

But new mobile apps like Meerkat are changing that.

Its video feeds aren’t as ephemeral as Meerkat's—people broadcasting on Periscope can record their streams and make them available for replay later.