One reviewer wrote that it smells like Rudolph Valentino and I can see that. The scent brings deep sense of spirituality, connection to eternal cycle of life and death and tranquility and balance to the soul. While I adore Shalimar, I do love this one even better.

It's a classy elegant fragrance for the man with slicked back dark hair, tall dark and handsome, who can tango like the Devil. The opening is fresh and bright with strong bergamot presence.

That being said, I really do love Samsara, I am just not madly in love with her, yet I receive plenty of compliments when wearing her. After a few days, the blotter still smelt good, and I was impressed with the longevity. After some time I started to wonder if some dog has poo-ed on my door.

Not an overload of vanilla but enough to make it cozy. One spray on my chest delivered the full bodied fragrance which is still going quite strong after a shower so no complaints with projection. I tried this 2 years ago in a makeup store and didn't think much of it. I tested this in-store at the beginning of my perfume hobby, and I thought I loved it. This, coming from someone who adores Youth-Dew and Passion.

Only now I'm curious about it again and believe I sampled a edt version that just isn't up to scratch these days after multiple reformulations. Just one spritz of Samsara to the back of one hand, rubbed lightly against the other, is a nose-burner, and an eye-burner.

Tried on testercard Might have been the EDT, not sure.

It reminds me loosely of something between Shalimar and YSL opium.

I think they last well though smelling Samsara makes me want to write love letters to humanity for the eternity this perfume makes me think of unconditional love.way God loves everything and everybody instant trance and relaxing effect for me a flawless masterpiece I love Samsara, it is just a tat too flowery for me.

Even though it is not really a flowery scent, the bloomy aroma seems to come through really strong, which is unusual for me.The top notes are juicy and fresh: bergamot, lemon, ylang-ylang, peach and green notes.The heart is blooming in opulent flowers: elegant jasmine, cold woodsy iris, luscious narcissus, violet and delicate rose.If you love this, more power to you, but please be gentle to the rest of us, and I don't think I've ever said that about a perfume before.Samsara The Oriental Vanilla Potion What more could I possibly add to the chorus of praises for this beloved and immortal fragrance?Some reviewers have brought up the scent of licorice and I can totally smell it but that's orris root which has chemical aroma similar to licorice and to make up/talc powder.