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He was an Angolan slave who was freed in the Colony of Virginia in 1635.

Johnson had been taken prisoner in the Portuguese colony of Angola by members of an enemy tribe and sold to Arab slave traders.

But Johnson wasn’t pleased with having been forced into letting Casor off the hook, so a lawsuit was filed. Parker, was a pivotal precedent that set into motion the enslavement of blacks in America.

Here is the final ruling, provided by the court of Northampton County: “ This daye Anthony Johnson negro made his complaint to the court against mr. Does that shift the burden of responsibility away from the slavers, and the great plantation owners, all of whom were white? I have known this little factoid for a long time... I believe that the relevance of this story is not that he was a free black who owned slaves but that he was reportedly the first person in America to establish a legal right to own another person as a chattel slave.

He was eventually sold as an indentured servant to a merchant working for the Virginia Company.

By 1651, Johnson owned 250 acres and had five indentured servants — four white men and one black man.You agree to pay for me to come to America and I will agree to work for you for an extended period of years, but you would not own me even during the period of servitude and certainly not after." Just so. You would do yourself a sevice by reading up on actual history, and noting that your basic tenant is based upon fantasy, and not historical, documented fact - substanciatied with court cases, biographies, newpaper reports and other documentation.My first ancestor in the new world was an indentured servant (wheelwright/carpenter)in New Amsterdam. Source I’m so sick of headlines that try to drag people in with the idea that they have some new *secret* revelation and nobody else knows.A Secret About The 1st Legal Slave Owner in America, but the Media Does not Want To Report This Most liberals just cannot stand the sight or sound of truth.Facts go over their heads as they look for opportunities to call others “intolerant” of their worldviews, resort to logic that they don’t recognize as faulty, and stoop to ad hominem commentary because they have no foundation on which to stand.I thought conservatives believed in individual personal responsibility. Anthony Johnson was the first legal slave owner in British North America one in court and screwed over Casor. Then Arabs took the blacks to market and sold them to white slave traders.