Following chat rooms, 49 percent are victimized via instant message and 28 percent via e-mail.MINIMUM ORDER - 0 for each & every order/shipment within the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. All goods purchased must be for resale either as loose pieces or components to finished jewelry or crafts for adult use.When it comes to cyberbullying, they are often motivated by anger, revenge or frustration.

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Whether you’ve been a victim of cyberbullying, know someone who has been cyberbullied, or have even cyberbullied yourself, there are steps you and your friends can take to stop cyberbullying and stay cyber-safe.

Being a victim of cyberbullying can be a common and painful experience.

Only two of the types of cyberbullies have something in common with the traditional schoolyard bully.

Experts who understand schoolyard bullying often misunderstand cyberbullying, thinking it is just another method of bullying.

Contrary to what cyberbullies and others may believe, cyberbullying IS a big deal, and can cause a variety of reactions in kids.

Some kids have reacted in positive ways to try to prevent cyberbullying by Kids can experience a variety of emotions when they are cyberbullied - some report feeling angry, hurt, embarrassed, or scared.The Power-hungry do it to torment others and for their ego.Revenge of the Nerd may start out defending themselves from traditional bullying only to find that they enjoy being the tough guy or gal.Mean girls do it to help bolster or remind people of their own social standing.And some think they are righting wrong and standing up for others.These emotions can cause victims to seek revenge on the bully, avoid friends and activities or cyberbully back.