286; [email protected]) PRACTICE AREA HIGHLIGHTS: Rochon Genova LLP features an experienced team in the area of civil sexual assault, institutional abuse, and multi-victim lawsuits, known for its pioneering and precedent setting work in this field.

We assist victims of sexual and physical assault, mental cruelty, and institutional abuse in advancing their claims before the courts, tribunals and alternative dispute resolution processes. Haroun, 2015 ONSC 5623, leave to appeal refused by 2016 ONSC 39 (Div.

I can’t see how, in the context of the publicity that exists around these particular charges, that she can discharge her duty as a zealous advocate for her client without repeating many of the same problems that led to public handwringing that we’ve seen over the last year.”That said, she adds, there is always a possibility.“Henein, out of any top criminal lawyer, is perhaps most likely to be able to craft a more creative approach to this.

That’s a broader systemic change we still need to engage in.”Outside the courtroom, particularly on social media, women’s rights advocate and educator Julie Lalonde sees the potential for conversations to happen about how we address allegations of sexual assault or harassment beyond criminal proceedings and verdicts.

Those conversations are needed, she says, because she would be “flabbergasted” if Ghomeshi is convicted.“I have no faith in the justice system.

With her clients, Susan negotiated a precedent setting "healing package" which included an apology from the Government of Ontario, various forms of compensation, and "in kind" benefits. [read full article] This was the first trial decision which recognized that a police force could be vicariously liable for the sexual misconduct of its police officers. Vella and her team obtained an important decision in relation to the alleged transmission of the herpes simplex virus, type 2 ("HSV-2"), which affirmed the existence of fiduciary duties owed between spouses, D. In addition, Susan Vella represents survivors of the Indian Residential Schools system both before the courts and in the current Federal Government Indian Residential School settlement process.

This settlement package has been the subject of much academic, legal and public media commentary because of its precedent setting and multifaceted nature. Susan Vella has appeared as lead counsel at all levels of court in civil sexual abuse and other matters, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court).

“How the Crown put this together, how the police worked on putting this together…

(the complainants’) experience of the system has probably been exceptionally good.”The question then would be: Will it be the same for the case in the courtroom next door?

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Susan was awarded the Award of Justice by the Advocates' Society in 2008 in recognition of her accomplished work in this field on behalf of survivors of abuse. Susan Vella has represented individuals and groups of victims for over 25 years, and has achieved many landmark decisions and results for persons whose claims were at one time not recognized as legitimate and worthy of compensation. Susan Vella is also a recognized author and speaker and has many presentations, articles, and other writings to her credit, including her co-authored publication, "Civil Liability for Sexual Abuse and Violence in Canada" (Toronto : Butterworths, 2000) which has been cited by the Court of Appeal for Ontario with approval, and has been identified as a "must have" text for any lawyer entering into this area of law.