Once you have found your language exchange partner, get straight to chatting! Start an email exchange, or write old-school letters and revive the art of postal exchange. Make the most of the 21st century and organize Skype, Facetime or Viber Chats online. Take the plunge and meet your language partner face to face.

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Stick to it ruthlessly to avoid favoring one language over another and to ensure you’re using your time to improve.

Language exchange can be very daunting at first, especially when your French skills are still at a basic level. While en route to your meeting place, or before your Skype exchange, think of some simple questions you’d like to ask.

Beginners have the hardest time dealing with this frustration.

A French conversation sounds lovely, but you’re just trying to absorb some common expressions and figure out which French language learning methods work the best.

Inter Pals A more modern interface with a much broader scope.

City-specific searches are not available but you do have a “keyword” function which can help you find local Exchangers!

Create a profile with your language levels and goals, conduct a simple search !

Hundreds of potential French language partners are just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away. What level of language partner are you looking for?

Instead, ask your nearest and dearest to suggest French friends who may be in need of a language partner.