I watched as presenter Anna Richardson met up with a guy who runs one of these revenge sites – which, by the way, turns over a sweet amount of money annually.He showed zero remorse, went on to say it’s the girl's fault for taking the pictures. A guy, a long time ago now, who I was seeing, said my past was too much on display, yet my money (not that I had much, just more than him), different kettle of fish.However, Alix said she didn't 'go to college to be a webcam girl', so she kept her desk job until it became unbearable for her.

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Alix also sent her resume to small PR firms and was eventually hired by the owner of one of the companies to work as an assistant.

After six months on the job, she was promoted to account executive, however, after a few clients stopped working with the firm, she found herself laid off.

'I look around at people in my circle and see that deep down, they have a dream but won't do it because of the stigma.

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I feel for her parents and her friends who now have to defend and most likely protect her, all that for a mucky wallop. We've got women suicidal because of footage being leaked unwillingly, then idiots like this chick thinking she's starring in Porn Hub.

As for the guy, don't even get me started, the thumbs up to the camera?! It's people like this who give genuine revenge porn a bad name, I feel sad for the girls who have had their lives ruined through some bitter ex playing God with their personal photos.

Here's why I ask…A few nights back, I watched a documentary on revenge porn and something as innocent as a pissed-up text showing your bits, if sent to the wrong character could be horrifying.

Not going to lie, I've sent photos in the past, though can count on one hand who has what of me.

By the time Alix was 21, she was wondering what to do next.

Her mom encouraged her to get a master's degree, and because she felt 'pressured' Alix started to pursue an MBA in digital marketing online part-time.

If I got a text asking me to send a pic, I'd instantly be put off, male friends have shown me how easy it is to get a 'tit pic' – and more!