intercourse or oral sex) with a variety of different partners.

While this may be true in many cases, there are actually many different types of sex addiction.

Fantasy sex, however, often involves unrealistic expectations (e.g. Anonymous Sex Sex addicts who engage in anonymous sex are excited and gratified by having sex with complete strangers.

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They can be incredibly intense and often interfere with the ability to develop any real feelings of love towards the sexual object.

Mature love includes an unconditional acceptance of the other person.

Sexual addiction is a complex disorder that has received a lot of attention in the past couple of years, largely due to celebrities who sought treatment for it after their extra-marital affairs were exposed.

Many people assume that a sexual addiction involves an out-of-control drive to have sex (i.e.

In many instances, anonymous sex involves paid sex.

The primary exception would be the sex addict who sees the same prostitute on a regular basis – sometimes for years.

Once the anonymity is broken, the sex addict loses interest.

Paid Sex One of the most common types of sex addiction involves paying for sex.

Typically, paid sex doesn’t allow for any real emotional connection to develop.