More about Mandatory Attendance of Driving Improvement Course If you have incurred 15 or more points in respect of offences committed within a period of 2 years, a summons will be issued against you. The period of disqualification upon conviction for the first time is 3 months, and will then be increased to 6 months for any subsequent convictions.After a disqualification order is made, the driving-offence points shown in the summons will be cancelled.You must collect your new passport in person by producing your PIC and the original copies of supporting documents (if any) submitted in the application for verification, your existing HKSAR Passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes (if any) for cancellation and appending your signature on the application form.

Upon collection, you are required to make a declaration to confirm the correctness of information furnished through online application.

You may access the online service here: Online Application for HKSAR Passport Submitted in Hong Kong Online Application for HKSAR Passport Submitted Outside Hong Kong If you need assistance in using the online service, you can call the Immigration e-Services Hotline at (852) 3128 8668 between 7 am and 11 pm daily.

The advice aims to alert you to improve your driving behaviour.

If you have incurred 10 or more points in respect of offences committed within a period of 2 years, you are required by law to attend the Driving Improvement Course.

Parental or legal guardian's consent and items (4) and (5) are not required.

If the child is aged between 11 and 15, the consenting parent / legal guardian needs to: Additional documents or information may also be required, if necessary.

The System is laid down in the Road Traffic (Driving-offence Points) Ordinance, Chapter 375.

Any scheduled offence committed will incur driving-offence points where: The system includes more than 50 scheduled offences, which are all related to road safety.

For online application, an extra 2 to 3 working days may be required for handling formalities.

A Collection Notice specifying the period of collection and the office for collection of the new passport will then be sent to you.

But if you have incurred other driving-offence points not listed in the summons, those points will be carried forward.