the other, is that plenty of people get off more by entertaining the possibility, rather than the engaging in the action itself. another thing im noticing - people are usually "surprised" when we start getting it on, or if were already naked when the camera comes on.

im always thinking, "if you have a profile stating ur trying to do something sexual, why are you surprised when youre chatting with a naked person?

I've been with this kind of sex for a few years now.

so im a bit detached from online culture these days. the real thing is always better, but man, its pretty fun fucking on camera.

dont understand why there arent more of "us" out there.

this is ok, im not judging anyone, but im amazed to see how many people "are really horny" but prefer to keep their clothes on and be a non-participant.

so im gathering two things: a lot of young couples are just discovering this out, and more often than not, youre going to run into someone just testing the waters.

just curious about some other peoples perspectives or experiences here my gf and i dont call ourselves swingers. i wont speak my opinions on "swing culture" here, but i just feel im on a totally diff wavelength.

we are, however, sexually adventurous hedonists, social anarchists, and huge sluts.A couple has to figure out a lot more about how it might affect their relationship and there are jealousy issues that can surface. any of the people using the same site I use would love to watch a couple.I asked a couple of my cammers and they all said yes they would be interested, and I am openly offering to watch and participate to the level that would make your orgasms usually happens that we find someone seeking someone like us to perform for.they will claim theyre wanting to be watched on camera, and we will begin chatting, theyll giggle and get shy and get a bit stage fright.we love being watched, and we love watching others. we love sleeping with other couples, or even a single. were pretty picky, leaning moreso to peoples world views and philosophical idioms rather than depending on a stacked ass or what physical traits have you.