Despite having years of experience in the Human Resources field and two arts degrees and a post-graduate diploma in business management in India, she had to study again and yet remained jobless sans the local work experience in New Zealand.Ananya says she can't return to her parents as they spent the ,000 saved for her marriage on her education in New Zealand.

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Instead, many low-quality foreign made films featuring Indians are made abroad and then imported.

A 37-year-old Indian woman claims she was told she would have to sleep with her supervisor if she wanted to get her permanent residency. Ananya (not her real name) told NZ Herald she was shocked this kind of behaviour was happening in New Zealand.

She then quit her first job in the country after the proposal was made to her.

Ananya says she does want to get residency, but not through corrupt means.

But if I had given money to other people, I would have been fine.

That's the message I'm getting." She says she was offered a fake three-month job if she paid ,000 to a recruitment agency.

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My family has always been very keen about letting the younger generation build their own path in life.

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